• Do you understand Teamwork?

      Major League sports teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Boston Red Sox, and the San Antonio Spurs are profitable companies, with global brands. At the heart of their sporting success is a combination effective teamwork and leadership; the perfect blend of on-field talent (‘the players’) and off-field management (‘the coaches’). In the commercial world, teamwork and leadership are equally

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    • Are you an inclusive Leader?

      The planet Earth contains a wonderfully diverse array of flora and fauna; a beautiful kaleidoscope of species, each with their own unique attributes. But, in the diverse world of business, how does human uniqueness impact the bottom line?  To create exceptional companies, with superior products and services requires exceptional talent. In effect, it requires effective teams comprised of unique

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      Improving Team Performance with Data Driven Decisions

      In today’s workforce it is imperative that mangers understand each of their employee’s motivational needs and drives so they can create a dynamic team for optimal business success. This session will provide an overview of how to develop a plan to enhance the development of your team using group analytics. Learn more.



      Managing the Challenges of Today’s Virtual Workforce

      What is one of the biggest challenges for managers today? Managing employees and teams in multiple locations across the country or even around the world. In this session you will learn how to ensure your virtual workforce is managed effectively. Learn more.



      How Informed Coaching Can Accelerate Sales Performance

      In today’s workforce sales representatives need to continuously build their skill set and knowledge, this development is supported through coaching. This session will provide an overview of how to use behavioral data to develop a coaching method to accelerate your team’s sales performance and productivity. Learn more.

    • Are you shipwrecked on Strategy Island?

      ‘No man is an island’, is an unforgettable famous line from "Meditation XVII", by the English poet John Donne (1573-1631). It’s a timeless and poignant reminder that, irrespective of our own individual capabilities, we are always stronger in a team. If you’re operating at the C-level,

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      Who is the smartest CEO?

      A 200-year old children’s fairy tale, might not seem the obvious place to look for C-level tips. But, there’s much to learn from this tale of an evil Queen and a talking Mirror! Snow White - written in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm – is arguably the most famous fairy tale ever created, featuring

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      Are you a Carrot or Stick leader? The tale of two CEOs

      In the movies and on TV, we often hear references to ‘Good Cop versus Bad Cop’ situations. In the boardroom, too, there are times when CEOs need to choose between Carrot and Stick – but which one is best? It’s a significant challenge to keep people motivated. To paraphrase an old

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    • You don't need long coaching programs. Michael Conforme can effect change in a conversation.

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    • Protactix understands where people are at, and where they need to get to. The psychology is the differentiator.

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    • The Protactix Group was totally supportive, not just challenging but constructively helpful with real pragmatic solutions.

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    • The Protactix Group is a Business Consultancy serving Northeast Asia. We bring a decidedly unique approach to company success, utilizing proven tools, a deep behavioral acumen, and data-driven analytics to foster positive internal change and drive success. We improve your people and company on every level, and we guarantee our results.